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Seminar/Baby shower weekend

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*Due to the nature of the seminar & baby shower, we are asking those who have been vaccinated to not purchase a ticket. We respect your decision and we hope that you respect ours. We are concerned with the reports of multiple pregnant and nursing women being affected or miscarrying due to being exposed to those who have had the vaccine. We appreciate your understanding.


Come and join us for a weekend of bliss, while we discussed, health, magic, babies, etc on Saturday and enjoy Krystal's baby shower on Sunday. You are not paying for the baby shower. Your ticket includes both days but you are only paying for the seminar. Breastfed babies are allowed but we do ask that you make a conscious decision, as to whether your baby will be disruptive, we want to enjoy our adult time! 

9-18 years old allowed, with the purchase of a ticket. The seminar will be held in New Orleans on February 19 & 20.


From 12:30-4/12:30-5

Tickets are on sale early because you must get hotel, Airbnb's and flights together because of Mardi gras, it's close by and they will sell out. Be prepared, because once the hall is booked and your seat is paid for there will be no refunds. 

See you there ♥️