Cell Phone Protector

Can help block harmful Electromagnetic frequencies, Wifi and 5G that comes from cell phones, Tablets, Ipads, computers, headphones and bluetooth speakers. 

It does not have a date of consumption.  It should be effective as long as it not mishandled.

Peel the sticker on the back of the protector and gently push on the protector to ensure that it is securely adhered to your phone.

  • With 5G Towers being set up everyone, one will need to protect themselves from the harmful frequencies.
  • Our Cell Phone Protector is believed to have the ability to absorb and completely neutralize the dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation, geopathic stress and any other forms of negative influence.

It helps to harmonize and balance your energy field.

Why You Should Be Concerned About EMF Radiation

EMFs, like cell phone radiation, impact our bodies at a cellular level. Science has shown a number of negative effects including cell membrane damage, loss of calcium ions and DNA damage. All of this damage on a cellular level has repercussions on your health. In fact, there is even a term for symptoms known as “Electrical Sensitivity.” More importantly, they are starting to see that long-term exposure to EMF’s has been linked to significant diseases, including cancer, brain tumors, diabetes, depression, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

And if that doesn’t get your attention, studies also link EMFs to premature aging. So, if you truly want to look your best, reducing your EMF exposure could actually make you look younger!

Stay Healthy!

Weight .5 oz
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