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It's Me Time "Because I'm Happy" Shower Steamer Spray

It's Me Time "Because I'm Happy" Shower Steamer Spray

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These pure plant based blends can change your Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual state, and put the body in a state of well being. 


Change your mood to a Happy Feeling while enjoying  your me time in the shower. Feeling not so Happy, FEELING A BIT DOWN, well this blend will alter your state of mind NATURALLY to be a state of blissfulness which in turn will make you HAPPY. .  2 ounce 

This blend is from Beautiful Plants and we could not survive without them. They are our life support!  

For those who don't know Aromatherapy is the act of using only aromatic oils and scents to bring the mind, body and spirit into a balanced, well being, healthy and conscious state.  

Bring the Spa experience to you in the Shower. You can conveniently transform your bathroom into a steamy spa in the shower with just a few sprays on ur shower walls, or in a corner. Breath in this Aromatherapy Blend that is sure to transform your mood to relieve and unwanted feelings, and find Happiness waiting for you with this BECAUSE I'M HAPPY BLEND. 


Much Love and Gratitude, MaMa Goddess

100% Vegan, Chemical Free, Quality Oils, and Organically sourced.