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Glide & Slide Preshave Oil-For Coarse & Smooth Hair!

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For those who want or NEED TO SHAVE.  100% Vegan, Chemical & Perservatis free, oils and butter are organically sourced, simply 100%%%%% NATURALLY FROM NATURE!   

This will prep you for when you are ready to shave on any area of your face or head or chin. 

  • Closer shave
  • Reduces inflammation,
  • stops nicks from your razor, 
  • Moisturize 
  • Decreases problems with ingrown hairs. While preparing the skin will be smooth and ready for the shave.  


Exfoliating prior to shaving help you get a closer shave and, in turn, smoother skin, it can also help prevent ingrown hairs. clear pores and reduce oil prior to shaving. This can help keep your chances of ingrown hairs at bay. Your razor will have an easier time removing hair without a film of dead skin cells blocking the area. 

Coarser hair is more likely to get ingrown, but "it is also more likely to happen if there is skin covering where the hair is growing, "Exfoliation removes that top layer of excessive dead skin cells—without that covering, you increase the chances that your freshly shaved hairs will grow freely.


After Shave moisturizer coming soon!!!!!

Much Love & Gratitude-MaMa Goddess