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Shungite Raw Stones Set for Meditation

Shungite Raw Stones Set for Meditation

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These powerful  Shungite Raw stones are great for meditation.  It is a great stone to strengthen the root chakra.

In addition, in conditions of constant geopathogenic stress, the energy of the shungite stone can have a sedative effect.
And in conclusion, you will not find this extremely shungite rare stone in any place on earth except certain part of Russia. 

However, rubbing a stone will leave a black carbon trace. Please note that these shungite stones will be covered with shungite dust. Therefore, rinse the stones under running water. Then they will not get your hands dirty.

As you know, modern science has proven the ability of shungite stone to shield electromagnetic radiation. So we know that shungite pebbles protects from EMF waves of high intensity. Moreover, shungite stone is able to cope with 5G wave 

Imagine an ancient stone that is half the age of the Earth? You will agree that if you hold such a mineral in your hand, you will feel a unique energy.
This may be due to the fact that shungite stone contains natural fullerenes.

This is a special molecule of carbon 60, which is found on Earth only in shungite from Karelia. And this rounded molecule looks like a soccer ball.