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Mature Skin "No Rinse" Face Cleanse

Mature Skin "No Rinse" Face Cleanse

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A blend of hydrosol waters by MaMa Goddess! Suitable for All Skin Types!

It's all you need (plus an organic cotton pad) to remove dirt, toxins, grim, and impurities that can damage your skin. Avoid traditional foaming cleanses and high alkaline soaps which strip the skin of its natural protective oils! Inflammation and clogged pores are kept at bay. Maintaining healthy skin requires balancing the skin's PH. The skin gets essential nutrients to prevent inflammation. Keep chilled or store in a cool, dark place.

  1. With a tight lid and refrigeration, it can last up to 5 months.
    • No pore clogging
    • Delivers therapeutic compounds and hydrates the skin
    • Avoid future breakouts by controlling oil production
    • Reduces redness and calms stressed skin.
    • No inflammation, no bacteria.
Optional: Take out an hour or two before using cleanse.

How To Use:

      1. Take a warm towel and apply it to your face for 1 minute before cleansing.
      2. Apply Mature Skin "No Rinse" Face Cleanse to the face, neck, and cleavage with an organic cotton pad.   
      3. With the damp, organic cotton pad, wipe the skin gently in a circular motion to remove dirt. If necessary, repeat several times to remove all dirt.
      4. Let it air dry before following up with the hydrating toner and moisturizer! 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is for educational purposes.