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I’m always recommending Krystal Alkaline Doula’s teas any time a loved one has any kind of health condition… Just know I practice what I preach y’all! My daily doses are “Golden Goddess” for all the necessary nutrients and minerals I need for a healthy body while I’m pregnant, and “Divine Iron” which is pretty self explanatory! They give me the energy to not be taken over by sleepiness all day and they keep morning sickness and nausea away! Her teas helped my milk production stay high when I was breast feeding, and helped my husband and I conceive TWICE! She literally has herbs for every ailment, for adults and kids.

Camill Davis from Facebook

Greetings beautiful. I wanted to personally thank you for your teas and your due diligence in assisting your melanated ppl and ppl in general. I suffered a loss in 2010 when my son had a stroke in utero. I had my tubes tied and felt less than a woman. I had them reversed and conceived only to lose a baby in 2019. Then I had a tube. Fibroid fighter, divine iron and cramps be gone were ordered, and after 3 to 4 weeks of consistency, I am pregnant at 46. God bless you so much!

Ren-Ira El from Facebook

Yes! Her teas are the real deal. Just when I thought there was no hope for these bumps going away on face. I've been using blood purified for a week and have noticed a difference in my skin.

Redd Chloè from Facebook

Not sure why my menstrual was irregular, if it was a hormonal imbalance, stress, but it was coming on like, twice a month, & than to top it off, my 11year old daughter just started her cycle now for the 3rd month. I called one of my sister's, because I didn't have any Baby Boom tea in my pantry, & she said she had Baby Boom Plus, & she will bring it to me. I probably drink this tea 3 times so far, besides the other teas eye take, & now my cycle comes on, only once a month. & When my daughter cycle, comes on, eye usually make her Sunshine Skin Glow tea, because she has slight breakouts & Baby Boom tea & let her journal when her cycle comes on & off & encourage her to drink more spring water, say her affirmations, & try to cut back on the dairy, sugar & meats, so she won't bleed so heavy !!! About to order her some Cramp Be Gone tea/lotion.

Rania Chinky Braidz from Facebook