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King of King Cleanse- Organically Sourced Ingredients

King of King Cleanse- Organically Sourced Ingredients

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Our cleanse is made specifically for you.  The cleanse is not harsh but very GENTLE, MILD, and cleansing.   I use the best plant-based waters that gently remove dirt and impurities from the skin without removing your protected skin barrier. It May help to prevent the growth or spread of bacteria and reduce inflammation. Refrigerate. 

5 month shelf life only! 

the Cleanse does not remove the skin's microbiome that helps protect the skin.

They contain micro-molecules of essential oils and strengthen the surface immunity of skin.

Should be used with Toner, daytime oil, and night cream for best results. 

Also, for best results eat an alkaline diet, drink plenty of water, drink herbal teas,  and keep your finger out of the face! 

  1. King of King cleanse  Spray the cleanse on the face and on the Cotton wipe and   GENTLY rub THE cotton pad on the face in a circular motion to remove dirt on the skin.  DO PUT  WATER ON YOUR FACE AND DO NOT RINSE THE CLEANSE OFF.   Let air dry or leave damp and do not wipe with a towel. Follow up with toner. 

It is recommended to use the following products below for best results.

  1. Follow up with King of King toner.  Spray on the face and neck, and rub in a circular motion with clean hands until the face is covered with the toner. Let air dry completely and do not use a towel to dry your face.
  2. Once dry if it is morning or daytime use "King of King Face Oil - Rub 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand and rub on the face in a circular motion - If the face is oily, you have used too much.  If so, after 3 minutes of the oil sitting on the skin, use a soft cloth to pat the excess off from the face.    
  3. Once dry if at night use the King of King night cream.  Rub a small amount on your face and neck and you're done. 

Please note:  I am not a Medical Doctor only a Goddess.  This information is for educational purposes only. 

Much Love and Gratitude 

MaMa Goddess