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Mature Skin "No Rinse" Cleanse 35 & Up

Mature Skin "No Rinse" Cleanse 35 & Up

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Note: This cleanse was formally named Anti-Aging Cleanse. For ages 35 and up! 

This is MaMa Goddess Special hydrosol water mixed blend made from the distillation of essential oils! Made for ALL SKIN TYPES INCLUDING SENSITIVE SKIN

      This Wild harvested hydrosol "water blend" face cleanse is all you need (along with an organic cotton pad) to get rid of daily dirt, toxins, grime and impurities that can sit on the skin causing damage and inflammation. Ditch the drying high alkaline soaps and traditional foaming cleanse that can stripe the skins natural protective oils and disrupts the skins natural protective acidic mantel! 
  1. This Cleanse is made to nourish & cleanse the skin while keeping inflammation and clogged pores at bay. It helps to balance the skins PH which is essential in maintaining healthy skin. It provides essential nutrients to the skin to avoid skin or gut inflammation.

    Can last up to 5 months if the lid is kept on tight, and refrigerator. 

    • Has ANTIOXIDANTS properties TO Fight Oxidation THAT CAUSES AGING and free radicals that can age the skin as well 
    • Does Not Clog Pores
    • Control oil production that can cause future breakout
    • May Visibly reduce redness and calm stressed skin
    • Anit-Inflammatory, anti-bacterial!
    • hydrates and plumps skin while balancing pH and delivering therapeutic compounds from the plant

Directions- Optional: Take out an hour or two before using cleanse as it can be cold on the skin.

Before cleansing the skin, apply a warm towel on the face for about 1 minute. and then spray the Mature Skin cleanse on face, neck & cleavage and a COTTON round Pad!  Organic preferable.  GENTLY wipe with the damp cotton pad on the skin in a circular motion to remove dirt on the skin. Repeat several time if needed to ensure all dirt has been removed. Let air dry! Follow up with hydrating toner and moisturizer combined!