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Baby/Kids Eczema Spray- 3 months to 11 years

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Spray is to be used right before adding baby cream- 4 oz. This spray is amazingly gentle and soothing to the skin even adults can use this.  

The spray has properties to not only TO provide extra hydration to the DRY skin (when used before the cream) but it assist in soothing itchy, red inflamed skin .  Its fast-absorbing and may effectively provide the needed hydration to dry skin- Supporting proper absorption and retaining moisture, Can help with the flaky dry dead skin crust to fall off the skin naturally. 

For the best shelf life, the water is package in amber glass bottles as they offer protection from UV rays, which would diminish the quality of your product. Keep hydrosol airtight in a cool, dark environment, where it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight or any heat sources. Room temperature is fine. The fridge is a good place but can take out an hour before using so it wont be too cold on the babies skin, Shelf life is 4 months. 

Discard it if you notice a change in color, smell, the appearance of mold or if the hydrolat looks cloudy. REMEMBER THERE IS NO PERSERVATIVES IN ANY OF MY PRODUCTS. 

  This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease