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Acne Be Gone Package

Acne Be Gone Package

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This package includes:

  •  Acne Be Gone 'No Rinse' Face Wash Cleanse 
    • A blend of hydrosol water and essential oils mixed by MaMa Goddess! Suitable for sensitive skin types! It's all you need (plus an organic cotton pad) to remove dirt, toxins, grime, and impurities that can damage your skin. Avoid traditional foaming cleanses and high alkaline soaps which strip the skin of its natural protective oils! Inflammation and clogged pores are kept at bay.

  • Acne Be Gone Hydrating Toner 
    • Using the toner restores your skin's PH balance while nourishing and soothing it! Furthermore, it protects the skin barrier from infection, bacterial growth, and other related skin issues. 
  • Acne Be Gone Daytime Face Moisturizer Oil. 
    • It may help control acne bacteria, inflamed skin, and clogged pores while leaving the skin moisturized, silky smooth and Protected. Essential nutrients are provided deep within the skin by the oil.

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