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*New* Acne Be Gone Cleanse, Toner and Face Oil Package -In Larger Bottles (not the oil) Organically sourced Ingredients

*New* Acne Be Gone Cleanse, Toner and Face Oil Package -In Larger Bottles (not the oil) Organically sourced Ingredients

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Now in Larger Bottles- Cleanse and Toner-This products comes from a plant and should be respected as such so please following directions correctly to enjoy the benefits nature has given us.  Cleanse has up to 96 Mhz -Filled with Healthy Energy.

DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL TAPE WATER.  This water IN THE BOTTLE is free from chemicals and toxins!

This Package is made to cleanse, nourish,,  keep pores from being clogged, bring energy to the skin, regenerate the cells, level the skins ph level, hydrates the skin too looks its best. It provides essential nutrients to the skin.

Can last up to 3 months if lid is kept on tight, and kept in a dark cool place or refrigerated. 

  • Does Not Clog Pores
  • Control oil production that can cause future breakouts
  • It May help to minimize the appearance of blemishes
  • May Visibly reduce redness and calm stressed skin
  • Anit-Inflammatory, anti-bacterial!

Use twice a day.  In Morning and at Night.  Keep skin Clean! 

It is recommended to keep clean things that touch the face at night such as pillowcases and linen often. 

For best results eat an alkaline diet, drink the teas, keep your finger out of the face, and Don't wear braids with hair that can cause skin issues. #1 Keep FACE Clean and Balance Hormones with Teas!!! 

  1. Acne Be Gone Cleanse-Spray cleanse on face, neck & cleavage and a COTTON WIPE or SUPER SOFT TOWEL.  GENTLY wipe w/ A cotton pad on areas in a circular motion to remove dirt on the skin. Do not dry skin let air dry or leave damp and add toner. Repeat if needed. Refrigerate or keep in a cool dry place for up to 3 months.
  2. Acne Be Gone Toner- Spray on face, neck, and rub in a circular motion with clean hands as it will dry quicker. Let air dry- do not use a towel to dry your face. Continue with oil. 

Please note:  I am not a Medical Doctor only a Goddess.  This information is for educational purposes only. 

High Vibes,

MaMa Goddess