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Acne Be Gone Cleanse, Toner and Face Oil Package

Acne Be Gone Cleanse, Toner and Face Oil Package

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Our Cleanse, Toner, and Face Oil package is designed specifically for acne problem skin. The Cleanse comes with a reusable Organic Bamboo Cotton Pad Wipe.  

It may help to kill acne bacteria, flaky fungus, and inflamed skin while leaving it moisturized, hydrated, and silky smooth.  It May help to balance the skin's ph level while providing essential nutrients deep within the skin. 

2-month shelf life.  Please refrigerate.

  • Does Not Clog Pores
  • Control oil production that can cause future breakouts
  • May lighten dark marks
  • It May help to minimize the appearance of blemishes
  • May Visibly reduces redness and calms stressed skin

Use twice a day.  In Morning and at Night.  Keep skin Clean! 

It is recommended to keep clean things that touch the face at night such as pillowcases and linen often. 

For best results eat an alkaline diet, drink the teas, keep your finger out of the face,  Don't wear braids with hair that can cause skin issues. #1 Keep FACE Clean and Balance Hormones with Teas!!! 

  1. Acne Be Gone Cleanse-The cleanse comes with a Reusable Organic Bamboo Cotton Rounds Pad.  Wash & squeeze pads prior to first use. Spray the cleanse on face and on the Bamboo pad.  GENTLY massage w/ THE BAMBOO cotton pad on the face in a circular motion to remove dirt on the skin.   Let air dry and do not wipe with a towel. Wash pad daily.  Continue with Toner!
  2. Acne Be Gone Toner- Spray on face, neck, and rub in a circular motion with clean hands as it will dry quicker. Let air dry- do not use a towel to dry your face. Continue with oil. 

Please note:  I am not a Medical Doctor only a Goddess.  This information is for educational purposes only. 

High Vibes,

MaMa Goddess