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*NEW* Acne Be Gone Face Toner Spray- Now in Larger Bottles Organically sourced Ingredients

*NEW* Acne Be Gone Face Toner Spray- Now in Larger Bottles Organically sourced Ingredients

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Must refrigerate. 6 month shelf life. For sensitive skin too!

Ditch try the toxic tap water!!!! Do not rinse off face it is already a MaMa Goddess Special hydrosol mixed blend from essential oils! Made for sensitive skin too

This Toner is specifically made for acne-prone skin and is one of the number one steps in fighting acne. The toner nourishes and soothes the skin while restoring the Ph Balance level to protect the skin barrier from infections. May help to remove traces of impurities, and dirt that may be stuck in the pores after cleansing and in the process begin to unclog the pores.


Use twice a day.  In Morning and at Night.   For best results combine with Acne Be  

  1. Acne Be Gone Toner- Spray on face and neck, and rub in a circular motion with clean hands until the face is covered with toner. You can pat your face with your clean hands and  Let air dry- do not use a towel to dry your face. Leave a little damp and apply moisturizer. And you’re done.

  2. For  best results, use acne be gone cleanse first than apply toner!


  1. Eat  an alkaline diet, drink the teas, keep your finger out of the face,  Don't wear braids with hair that can cause skin issues. Balance Hormones with Teas!!!  It is recommended to keep clean often anything that touches the face at night such as pillowcases and linen.

Much Love and Gratitude,

MaMa G