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Because I'm Happy Inhaler Synergy Mineral Rich Blend

Because I'm Happy Inhaler Synergy Mineral Rich Blend

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Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy.

12 and up

This invigorating inhaler Blend helps support our psyche, keeping one grounded and bring an energizing feeling of happiness. 

Being happy can have so many AMAZING healthy benefits that effects the Whole You- Mind, Body and Spirit.  If you are in need of  a natural way of bringing you to a place of feeling grounded, centered,  and happy, this blend is right for you with its restorative blended power!  Be happy!!! listen to music, dance and raise your vibe to YOUR happy place. 

This blend has mineral rich salts that has the following benefits:

  • clean nasal cavities and sinuses, 
  • improve lung function
  • clear pollens, toxins, and viruses from the lungs and nasal tracts
  • Breathing better

 Directions- These oils are very strong so don't feel you need to breath in a lot at ONE TIME.  Keep in a cool dry place. 

Shake the blend and then Take a big deep breath WHILE MOVING THE BOTTLE ACROSS YOUR NOSE SLOWLY  AND INHALING THE BLEND AND THEN  EXHALING deeply out of your mouth. Can also breath in deeply through each nostril WHILE exhaling out of your mouth 1-2  times depending on your need. Can be repeated whenever needed.

Little enough to fit in your pocket, handbag or on the plane, and can carry with you all over the place! 

IMMUNE BUILDER AND ANTOXIADATE PROPERTIES-This blend helps the limbic (brain) system and immune system!

This blend also comes as an inhaler and diffuser for an even quicker result as it is more potent than a ROLL ON!