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Because I'm Happy Now Synergy Roll On Blend

Because I'm Happy Now Synergy Roll On Blend

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Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy.

13 years and up

Let the Happy Times Begin. Allow this blend to put a smile on your face and get you in a positive mood releasing all negativity.  This roll on blend brings an energizing feeling of happiness. So be happy today as you deserve to be. Listen to music, dance and raise your vibe to YOUR happy place. 

Being happy can has so many AMAZING health benefits that effects the Whole You:

Little enough to fit in your pocket, handbag or on the plane, and carry with you all over the place! Take it to ur workplace or at school and appreciate a stimulating uplifting  energy kick whenever needed. 


Roll and Rub on the skin and cover the area for at least a minute on pulse points-down the spine, neck front and back and wrist to allow blend to absorb in skin

. 7 month shelf life. keep in a cool dry place. 

This blend helps the limbic (brain) system and immune system!

This blend also comes as an inhaler and diffuser for an even quicker result as it is more potent than a ROLL ON!