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Calm Me Down –Kids Diffuser Blend Ages 2 -12 Kid Safe

Calm Me Down –Kids Diffuser Blend Ages 2 -12 Kid Safe

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 ages 2 -12 Help kids when they're fussy, having tantrums, or in a high emotional state.  This may help calm the brain. 

When diffusing essential oils, always:

  • Diffuse in a well-ventilated area
  • Diffuse for  30 minutes only and then shut off 
  • Take 1-hour break before putting the diffuser back on
  • Make sure pets (especially cats) have the option to leave the room if they don’t like the aromas
  • Follow dilution guidelines 
  • Don't let babies inhale this blend. Diffuse in a room away from them 

Pure organically sourced essential oil blend !!!!  Apply oils to the DIFFUSER per the instructions of your diffuser.
Around  bedtime use 1 drop) to help clear and calm their emotions and thoughts!

100% Vegan, Chemical Free, Plant-Based, Organically Sourced