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Calm ya kids down inhaler 7-12 yrs. Aromatherapy Blend

Calm ya kids down inhaler 7-12 yrs. Aromatherapy Blend

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Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy 

Our kids need emotional support and Balance too. 

Pure organically sourced essential oil blend with organic cotton inside bottle!!!! Help kids when they are aggravated, upset, fussy, stressed, having tantrums, or in a high emotional state.  This may help calm the brain. 

 Do not allow children under 5 to use an inhaler.  

This blend has mineral rich salts that has the following benefits:

  • clean nasal cavities and sinuses, 
  • improve lung function
  • clear pollens, toxins, and viruses from the lungs and nasal tracts
  • Breathing better

Please allow the child to take their time calming down while the oil is absorbed in the limbic system (brain) and then the bloodstream to change their mood.   It should take no more than 20 minutes.  This is the fastest & quickest option .

An essential oil inhaler is a valuable tool that can help you obtain the benefits of aromatherapy. They can be used in any setting, at home or on-the-go.

  • Nasal inhalers are good for about 1-2 months, depending on how frequently it is used.
  • Keep the lid on inhaler unless in use. The more the inhaler is used and opened, the faster the oils will dissipate.

 These oils are very strong so don't feel you need to breath in a lot at ONE TIME.  Keep in a cool dry place. 

Take deep breaths in through your nose when you use your inhaler - this will allow the aroma to penetrate deep into your lungs where it can best do its work.

Directions-, You can remove the plastic cap first, place the nasal inhaler near the nostrils, then slowly inhale while waving inhaler stick back and forth under the nostrils. Think 5-5-5 when using a nasal inhaler.

  • Count to 5 while inhaling in
  • Count to 5 while holding breath.
  • Count to 5 while exhaling.
  • May repeat 2-3 times as needed 

Have them use this several times a day in times  like these. 

Do not use if you have epilepsy, 5 and under, Asthma. Please contact me if you have asthma.

IMMUNE BUILDER AND ANTOXIADATE PROPERTIES-This blend helps the limbic (brain) system and immune system!

This aromatherapy blend tiny aromatic molecules goes directly to the brain within seconds TO CHANGE ONE'S MOOD/SENSES and then goes to other parts of the body to do what it needs to do.  Use MG blends by means of skin application (Roll on), Inhaler or diffusing. 

This blend also comes as an inhaler and diffuser for an even quicker result as it is more potent than a ROLL ON!