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Crown Chakra Oil Roll On

Crown Chakra Oil Roll On

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Awaken your Crown Chakra with our essential oils to obtain a spiritual connection.  

Essential oils access our energy body and physical body, often connecting them together in synergy and creating healing on various levels. They are particularly effective for chakra healing because they bring the energetics of the oil to the chakra, helping us connect with it.  And because the healing happens on a base level, it bypasses the brain immediately accessing our internal healing. 

The oil will help you connect with what you may be holding in the Crown Chakra.  The oil can help you initiate a connection with the energy vortex it holds and with the inner Divine.  Enjoy the convenience of the roll-on bottle.  

Instructions on meditating, how to apply oil, what crystals to use and positive affirmations will be included with oil.  

High Vibes,

MaMa Goddess 

 The  chakra, or “sahasrāra chakra” in Sanskrit, is known as "the scaffold to the universe." It is the most profound in nature of each of the seven chakras. Situated over the crown of the head, it goes about as the person's focal point of soul, edification, shrewdness, all-inclusive cognizance, and association with higher direction. One might say, the crown chakra is our most noteworthy potential. It administers collaboration and correspondence with the universe, one's feelings of motivation and dedication, association with the higher self and the heavenly, and more profound agreement; at the same time, it is answerable for a solid otherworldly life.

A few like to think about the crown chakra as a sort of umbilical rope to the heavenly, whereby we as individuals are associated with unity, everything being equal. Due to this immediate association, it is significant that we don't conceptualize ourselves as being totally isolated from the heavenly; all things considered, that more prominent all-inclusive power is only a bigger development of similar energy which makes us up, as well. 

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