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I am Beautiful Eye Cream & Hydration Package Available February 2

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Looking to Soothe and Hydrate under those amazing eyes.  This dynamic duo creamy and hydrating blended hydrosol has ingredients to Nourish, Brighten, stimulate the circulation of blood – this is essential to minimizing puffiness and under-eye bags. It also, smooths the appearance of fine lines under the eyes making you look awake and ready for the day! It may helps to prevent cell damage  with  antioxidants properties!  Made with the highest quality hydrosol waters and essential oils.

Directions: Morning and night, dab a small amount of cream (a little goes a long way) with forefinger and drop a tiny amount of hydrosol onto the forefinger with the cream.  Rub together with both forefinger and apply gently under, around and on both sides of the eyes. Be careful not to apply it too close to the eyes.  Repeat if needed, BUT Do not put damp fingers in cream as cream can mold because no preservatives have been added 


0.5-ounce cream 

0.5-ounce hydrating spritz