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New “You Glow Girl Cleanse” In larger bottles

New “You Glow Girl Cleanse” In larger bottles

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This Cleanse is made to nourish & cleanse the skin daily without the use of tap water.  To keep pores clean and avoid them from being clogged and keep skin looking its best. It provides essential nutrients to the skin. Does not require any water at all.

  1. Can last up to 6 months if lid is kept on tight, and is  kept in a dark cool place or refrigerated. 

    • Get the Energy Flowing from within to the surface of the skin
    • Blood circulation in the face 
    • Control oil production that can cause future breakouts
    • May Visibly reduce redness and calm stressed skin
    • Anti-Inflammatory, anti-bacterial!


  1. Spray cleanse on face, neck & cleavage and a round COTTON WIPE DO NOT USE A TOWEL! GENTLY wipe w/ A cotton pad on areas in a circular motion to remove dirt on the skin. Do not dry skin and leave skin a little  damp and follow up with a toner. Repeat if needed. Refrigerate or keep in a cool dry place for up to 3 months as these waters are powerful but fragile.