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Kids Get Focus Inhaler 6-10yr - plz specify age of child

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Do not use if you have epilepsy, 5 and younger and have asthma.

 Can last up to two months depending on daily use.

This blend is made with organic cotton 

Our little ones /Children sometimes have difficulty focusing and their minds wander off often at home, school, or playground.  This blend will give them the extra boost to help get their mind into Focus and keep their minds from drifting off.  

  Shelf life is 1-2 months or less depending if instructions are followed correctly. Always keep lid on tight to avoid evaporation and to avoid the oil from loosing its strength! 

can be used on children 6 -12 

Shake the blend gently and then Take a big deep breath WHILE MOVING THE BOTTLE ACROSS YOUR NOSE SLOWLY  AND INHALING THE BLEND AND THEN  EXHALING deeply out of your mouth OR YOU CAN

also breath in deeply through each nostril WHILE exhaling out of your mouth 1-2  times depending on your need. Can be repeated A COUPLE of times when first doing it  up to 3 minutes to feel the effect. After repeat throughout the day as needed.

Diffuser Blend option will be available soon! 




This is a little more potent for the child as well as the diffuser blend 

Much Love and Gratitude, MaMa Goddess