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Root Chakra Oil Roll On

Root Chakra Oil Roll On

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Awaken your Root Chakra with our essential oils to obtain a spiritual connection.  

The Root chakra is all about being grounded, feeling secure that your basic needs are being met, and feeling connected to your family and tribal consciousness in healthy ways.

Essential oils access our energy body and physical body, often connecting them together in synergy and creating healing on various levels. They are particularly effective for chakra healing because they bring the energetics of the oil to the chakra, helping us connect with it.  And because the healing happens on a base level, it bypasses the brain immediately accessing our internal healing. 

The oil will help you connect with what you may be holding in the Root Chakra.  The oil can help you initiate a connection with the energy vortex within you so that you may open into the wisdom it holds.  Enjoy the convenience of the roll-on bottle.   

 Instructions on meditating, how to apply oil, what crystals to use and positive affirmations will be included with oil. 

High Vibes,

MaMa Goddess 

The root chakra, or “mūlādhāra chakra” in Sanskrit, is known as "the base, all things considered." Situated at the foundation of the spine at about tailbone level, it goes about as the person's focal point of passionate and profound equilibrium, just as instinctual cognizance. At its most essential level, the root chakra is worried about needs. It oversees one's feelings of steadiness, security, strength, and responsibility and is liable for self-safeguarding and feeling grounded.

While the root chakra is developmentally attached to those essential senses that help us endure, present-day has associated this chakra more to the matter of aiding us to flourish. Moving past food, water, and safe house, the area of the root chakra has come to incorporate ideas like wellbeing, riches, and the local area. Everyday sensations of trust, having a place, and being available are administered by the root chakra.

The root chakra is particularly imperative to the chakra energy framework on the grounds that an absence of "roots" can bargain the trustworthiness of the wide range of various chakras, straightforwardly influencing the prosperity of the whole body, brain, and soul. Just when we feel that our most fundamental requirements are met would we be able to zero in on developing.

The root chakra is additionally accepted to be associated with Kundalini, or astronomical energy power which can be stirred and climbed the spine through the other chakras.

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