You "Glow" Girl Night Cream- Organic Blend Butter and Oils

You "Glow" Girl Night Cream- Organic Blend Butter and Oils

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Get The "Glow" you deserve!  New Formula THIS OIL DOES NOT CLOG PORES and can be used ON ALL SKIN TYPES INCLUDING ACNE PRONE SKIN.   

No Chemicals or Preservative in our products - All Natural- 3 month SHELFLIFE

The "You Glow" Girl Cream is an excellent moisturizer and hydrator. Our hemp butters, essential and carrier oils are loaded with properties that build collagen, improves elasticity, reduce fine lines and minerals to nourish the skin

 The cream may help with the following conditions:

With Clean hands, Rub a small amount in the palm of your hands and then rub in a circular motion on  face, neck and cleavage, at night to give you the "Glow" you deserve in the morning. 

 Pair with  You "Glow" Girl Face Oil - Can be used during the day. 

Organic Oil Blend

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Ingredients - Carrier oils, butters and essential oil